The Ultimate Edmonton Trivia Book!

By Emil Tiedemann

In case you haven't already guessed by now, I'm a big ol' nerd! Not the kind who's obsessed with Marvel movies or Dungeons & Dragons, but the kind who gets unnaturally excited when he hears the words "trivia night"! But I've come to terms with my nerdom and that's allowed me to do whatever the hell I want to without worrying about what others think (to an extent of course, I'm only human after all)! That includes making a trivia book about my hometown! Oh, and using excessive amounts of exclamation marks and emoticons!! ;)

Earlier this month, I published a brand new book, The Ultimate Edmonton Trivia Book. It only made sense for me to finally combine two of my favourite things: Edmonton and trivia! In fact, I'm surprised it took me THIS long to come up with this idea!

There is no place quite like my hometown Edmonton (Treaty 6/ amiskwaciw√Ęskahikan), the self-proclaimed (and deservingly so) “City of Champions.” Whether it’s experiencing a heat wave, thunderstorm, and snowfall within the same week, or getting to ride a giant rollercoaster or zipline INDOORS(!), Edmonton is a unique, diverse, and daring city with a compelling past and a bright future.

It seemed only natural for Edmonton to receive the trivia book treatment, with so many intriguing stories, people, and places to talk about. And now, you no longer have to wait to test your own or your friends’ knowledge of our beautiful hometown in the Canadian Prairies.

Spread across 20 different categories, The Ultimate Edmonton Trivia Book has nearly 700 questions about Whyte Avenue, the High Level, former mayors, the Oilers and Elks, the countless festivals, new restaurants, old bars, Joey Moss, that mall, the North Saskatchewan, our Indigenous roots, and even Janis Irwin’s cat! And there’s so much more to ponder over – including a 30-page timeline of fascinating facts – so you’re bound to learn some new things about Edmonton along the way!

If you'd like to check out the book for yourself, it's available right now on Amazon! Good luck and have fun, YEG!! #yegtrivia


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