Reason #100 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

City Hall

By Emil Tiedemann

Edmonton City Hall is not just the home of our civic leadership, where our elected officials congregate to debate and discuss all the important and not so important issues facing all Edmontonians. City Council & Committee meetings are held at City Hall year-round and are open to the public, who are also free to ask questions or bring up concerns (in a civil and orderly fashion, of course!).

During winter weekends, shoppers head to City Hall for the City Market, where dozens of vendors offer up handmade crafts and locally-grown foods. When it’s warm outside, children play in the adjoining fountain pool, while downtown workers spend their lunch hour at one of the outside umbrella tables or on the surrounding patches of greenery taking in the sun. Or they’ll stay indoors and try a dish made from fresh ingredients at the Kids In the Hall Bistro, located on the southwest corner. 

Annual events such as Cariwest and the Street Performers Festival spill over from the neighbouring Sir Winston Churchill Square into the foyer and outside plaza, while local artwork hangs from the walls and ceiling. 

The marble, granite, and glass building itself - which officially opened on August 28, 1992 in the heart of our downtown - has become one of Edmonton’s most familiar landmarks, designed by award-winning hometown architect Gene Dub. It’s become a beacon of community and civic democracy, a “people place” for charitable and family events, and a symbol of our proud past and bright future. #yegcc


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