Reason #16 of '101 Reasons Why I Heart Edmonton'

Talus Dome

by emil tiedemann

THE nearly 1,000 shiny silver balls of the bizarre Talus Dome (by Los Angeles-based Benjamin Ball and Gaston Nogues) have sort of become Edmonton’s own version of Alberta natives Nickelback. Locals love to hate them, although they don’t entirely know’s just the thing to do. 
The Talus Dome art installation near Fort Edmonton Park.

They were installed as a Public Art Collection in 2011 just off the Quesnell Bridge along the Whitemud freeway at Fox Drive, a partnership between the City and the Edmonton Arts Council. Although most Edmontonians seemed to consider the polished spheres an eyesore, it was the price tag that ignited an uproar of sorts. The Dome cost taxpayers a “staggering” $600,000, as the City’s most expensive art installation up until that point. 

It’s been long enough, however, that the haters have simply gotten used to the Dome. But to be completely honest, I’ve never been one of those haters. I always found the Talus Dome fascinating, though I’ve never been on board with its forlorn location. #yegdome


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