YEGified/ Blue Chair Cafe

The Blue Chair Café is not just the perfect spot for food & drinks, but they also proudly support and recognize everything local

By Emil Tiedemann

IT was only by chance that I found myself downing whiskey at the Blue Chair Café recently. It was lunchtime and I had been out for a drive because we were finally having some decent Spring weather.

Blue Chair Café owner Harold Wollin (photo by Larry Wong, Edmonton Journal)

I came across this unassuming building on the corner of 76th Avenue and 96th Street, tagged with subtle signage barely noticeable from the street. One of those signs said Blue Chair Café, which I had heard of but had never been to before. I pulled in.

I sat at the bar and ordered a whiskey from the friendly server, who happily answered any questions I had about this unique café on Edmonton's southside.

I noticed Edmonton's Alley Kat Brewery draft spouts and asked her if they served any other draft brands. "Nope, just Alley Kat," she proudly admitted, "and it's been that way since day one."

There was a stage in one corner of the room for musicians to perform five days a week, about 80% of which are from the Edmonton area. There's also artwork available for purchase on the walls of the Blue Chair, and all are from local artists. Even the coffee comes from a local supplier! 

Edmonton artists perform weekly at the Blue Chair

"Just about everything, except blueberries and asparagus in the winter, and wild-harvested salmon and tuna - which don’t grow here - [is local]," boasted owner Harold Wollin.

There aren't many other establishments in Edmonton that are more localized and focused on keeping it local than the Blue Chair Café, and that's why they were a clear choice - from a chance run-in - for YEGification!

You can visit the café at 9624 - 76 Avenue (780.989.2861), and you can also follow them on both Facebook and Twitter, or watch live music clips on their YouTube page

Here is a 2013 documentary about the Blue Chair Cafe:


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