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Alberta Securities Commission's comes to Edmonton to help Albertans avoid getting burned by investment fraud

by emil tiedemann

IT'S time to wake up and smell the coffee! March happens to be Fraud Prevention Month, and the sad reality is that investment fraud is a persistent issue in our province - in fact, some 30% of Albertans believe that they have been approached with a potentially fraudulent investment. That's nearly one in every three people!

The Alberta Securities Commission has your back, and wants to educate Albertans about investment fraud during Fraud Prevention Month!

For many folks it can be difficult to spot a bad investment, but the Alberta Securities Commission (ASC) is here to help point Albertans in the right direction. The ASC is bringing its popular Café to downtown Edmonton, to remind Albertans to check before they invest. The CheckFirst Café is part of the ASC's campaign, aimed at educating Albertans on fraud awareness and prevention. 

On Thursday, March 3rd from 7AM to 11AM, downtown Edmonton's Three Bananas Café on Churchill Square (9918-102 Avenue) will be transformed into the CheckFirst Café, where baristas will serve Edmontonians complimentary specialties like "Lost Dream Lattes" and "Fraud-accinos." Sounds yummy! 

The Three Bananas Café is located in Churchill Square, and will become the CheckFirst Café from 7-11AM March 3rd!

Popular and well-known Alberta-based a capella group, The Heebee-jeebees, will be on hand to entertain the crowd. Most importantly, representatives from the ASC will be on site to educate Edmontonians on ways to avoid getting burned by investment fraud by. 

The campaign is part of a province-wide initiative to educate Albertans on how to protect themselves, their money, and their financial future from investment fraud. Becoming an informed investor is easy - start with checking registration, which can be done online in the time it takes to finish a cup of coffee!

So, before you head to work, or if you're taking an early lunch, come down to Three Bananas Café (across from the Stanley A. Milner Library) and grab a cup of might be the best decision you make for your financial future! #CheckFirstCafe


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