E/view: Truth, Love, Non-Violence: The Story of Gurcharan Singh Bhatia

Saskatoon-born author Alexis Kienlen shines a spotlight on local human rights activist Gurcharan Singh Bhatia


GURCHARAN Singh Bhatia may not be a household name, but he is a known figure to many people in Edmonton's social justice community. Truth, Love, Non-Violence is the biography of this fascinating man, from his origins in India to his immigration to Canada and his involvement in working towards a society of equality and human rights for all. 

Written in a conversational style, author Alexis Kienlen spent countless hours interviewing Bhatia, his family, and associates. While mostly a positive look at his life and accomplishments, Kienlen by no means comes across as a sycophant. In particular, she explores numerous failed business ventures as well as observations from those with whom he has worked on projects who, while obviously fond of him, offer some criticisms as to the way he becomes driven in his passions. 

I should probably offer a disclosure at this point that I was one of the people Kienlen interviewed for the book, particularly with regards to Daughters Day, one of Bhatia's best-known projects with which I was quite involved for a time (and still am to some extent). So, speaking as someone who knows Bhatia personally, I found this account of his life to be quite eye-opening in some respects, learning much about the details of his early life as well as his family. 

Truth, Love, Non-Violence demonstrates that people can make a significant impact in the lives of others, and society in general, without being famous. It also presents insight into aspects of multiculturalism, immigration, and what it means to be an active citizen. 

The book can be purchased at Amazon, Audrey's Books, and Tix on the Square, or by contacting Kienlen directly


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