The Christmas House

Although this residence is far from Candy Cane Lane, it borrows from its holiday spirit

AFTER trekking down the disappointing Candy Cane Lane last Sunday evening, I couldn't help but drive closer towards West Edmonton Mall to snap the photo below of a house that could easily put the Griswold's home to shame!

I've noticed it several times this holiday season, and remember it from years past, as one of the brightest chunks of land in all of Edmonton. The photo doesn't due the house--on the corner of 85th Ave. & 175th St.--justice, so try to make your way down to one of the city's most dressed up homes to see it in the flesh.

If you have any pictures of similar Edmonton homes, please submit them to I Heart Edmonton (, or tell us about them instead and we'll head down their for ourselves. Merry Christmas Edmonton!

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